The thermohygrometer is easy an easy to use relative humidity and air temperature measuring instrument. The unit measures %RH over the range 0 to 100%RH with a resolution of 0.1%RH and temperature over the range of -20 to 50C with a resolution of 0.1C.

The thermohygrometer incorporates a clear custom LCD screen with C, %RH, max/min, hold and dew point indication.

The thermohygrometer sensors are positioned in the void of a protective grill making the handheld instrument mobile and suitable for taking temperature and humidity measurements in various locations.

The unit is powered by 3 x AAA batteries with a minimum life expectancy of 10,000 hours. An auto-power off facility turns the thermohygrometer off automatically after ten minutes to maximise battery life. Supplied with instructions, sensor protection cap and carry pouch.

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P952-6000 952-6000 Thermohygrometer Each £69.95 (ex VAT) In Stock
P952-CAL 952-CAL Thermohygrometer Calibration Certificate Each £80.00 (ex VAT) Made to Order
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  • Humidity 0 to 100% RH
  • Resolution 0.1% RH
  • Accuracy ±2%(10 to 90% RH)
  • Temperature -20º to 50ºC
  • Resolution 0.1ºC
  • Accuracy ±1ºC
  • Power 3 x AAA Batteries
  • Dimensions 25 x 56 x 128mm
  • Weight 130g

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    P078-1345 078-1345 Humidity Cassette Large 330 x 114 x 38mm Each £56.20 (ex VAT) In Stock
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