Polyester File Suspension Tapes

These filing suspension tapes are ideal for attaching to our polyester wallets and pockets. They are so strong the holes will not split and are permanent.

When using suspension tapes with wallets we suggest the wallet is open on the vertical side so that the tape is not just attached to one loose side of the wallet's material.

Tape Product Code 5F4-_ _ _ Holes at 43mm/332mm centres. Available in packs of 100 strips, 841mm (AO). Suitable for cabinet types; Archfile, Arclight, Angula, Betafile 4, Consul, Economic, King's Legend, Letofile, Plansafe, Stylefile.

Tape Product Code 5F2-841 Holes at 375mm centres. 100no. 841mm long Strips

For tapes that fit our current range of cabinets, see the page for the specific cabinet in 'Alternatives' tab below

Please see image for hole centres.

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Suspension Tape - Style 5F4 - 841mmL
Pack Size: Pkg 100 Price: £40.95 ex VAT Low Stock

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