Self-Sealing polyester envelopes 'L-Velopes®'

Self sealing clear polyester envelopes for convenient storage of documents and more, without requirement for adhesives or fixing.

Protect photos, ephemera, maps or documents safely and easily between sheets of archival quality polyester using no adhesives. Being open on two sides allows easier access, or insertion. Note the pre-formed supporting tabs which retain the envelope's cover and contents.

These self-sealing envelopes - L-Velopes® - are made of polyester, 75 microns thick to support their contents and protect them from stress, dirt, fingerprints and atmospheric pollutants.

Great for temporary displays or items that need to be handled frequently. Sizes in inches shown in the 'Specification' tab below.

Price per pack of 5 L-Velopes

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216 x 279mm
L738-0811 738-0811
Pack Size: Pkg 5 Price: £16.45 ex VAT In Stock
279 x 355mm
L738-1114 738-1114
Pack Size: Pkg 5 Price: £17.05 ex VAT In Stock
279 x 432mm
L738-1117 738-1117
Pack Size: Pkg 5 Price: £15.35 ex VAT In Stock

Product Code / Size:

738-0811 = 8-1/2"x11"

738-0912 = 9" x 12"

738-1114 = 11" x 14"

738-1117 = 11"x 17"

738-1217 = 12"x 17"

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