Leather Dressing Preservative & Restorer

This leather preservative has been thoroughly tested and proven to give outstanding results on fine leather bindings.

Easily applied, the rich cream penetrates deeply into leather to produce a scuff resistant surface with a rich patina to rejuvenate, restore and preserve. Compound of animal and other non-drying oils, it contains no flammable or volatile components.

Chemically neutral with defensive buffers to guard against external pollutants. Will not leave an oily or sticky finish on the leather, ideal for books, furniture and more.

Apply thinly with a lint free cloth or swab, into leather surface, buffing as you work. Apply in layers allowing an hour to dry between each application. Please consult a conservator for advice on treating fragile and valuable leather.

225g / 8oz

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Leather Dressing Preservative & Restorer
P532-0875 532-0875
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