Zorbix Moisture Control - Sheets

For humidification, or drying, of parchment, books, textiles or works of art on paper, Zorbix sheets are the ideal solution. The super-absorbent sheets are able to absorb up to 50 times their weight in water, significantly more effective than blotting paper.


The saturated/hydrated sheets desorb water vapour at a rate which can be useful for gentle humidification in paper repairs. As a humidity device, Zorbix holds water moisture in gel form, while the water can only be released as a vapour once absorbed by the encapsulated absorbent material (A combination of wheat-starch and polyacrylonitrile-based polymer). Water is wicked away from its surface, leaving the outer filter paper dry at the surface. The fact that there is no liquid present on its surface makes Zorbix the only humidification device that is its own vapour barrier. Used in conjunction with an unwoven support fabric such as Reemay or Bondina, humidification levels can be controlled to a level that suits your project. Strips offer the opportunity to treat smaller areas in isolation.

Disaster Recovery

On-site water removal from items immediately reduces damage and speeds the recovery of items for return to use. Packages of Zorbix placed in disaster recovery kits give the response team an effective tool. In a saturated book, placing the sheets every 20-50 pages will quickly and effectively reduce water by 50% and reduce the risk of mould growth. Zorbix can remove water from any porous material: vellum, paper, textiles, leather and wood.

Zorbix sheets are reusable whether they are used for humidification or drying. The alpha-cellulose outer paper may become soiled after numerous cycles, however an interleaving of Hollytex or similar can act as a barrier without reducing effectiveness.

Sold as packs of 10 sheets

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Zorbix Sheets 6"x9" (152mmx228mm)
P986-1009 986-1009
Pack Size: Sht 10 Price: £46.00 ex VAT In Stock
Zorbix Sheets 7.5"x10"(190x254mm)
P986-1010 986-1010
Pack Size: Sht 10 Price: £51.20 ex VAT Out Of Stock - Notify when back in stock

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