Beva® 371 Film - Adhesive Film

Beva Film is an adhesive, using Professor Gustav Berger's 371 formula (Berger Ethylene Vinyl Acetate 371), created specifically for conservation applications. We have it available as an adhesive film sandwiched between white silicone-coated paper and a polyester supporting sheet. Preservation equipment rolls and tapes

Activate the adhesive with a tacking iron or hot air blower (see 'Recommended' tab below), and remove the support film. Since it is not a liquid it can be cut and applied to small, well defined areas, with no fear of it spreading or bubbling.

You'll find many uses in the repair of papers, paintings and textiles.

Also available Beva TEX, with the same adhesive formula on a non-woven polyester fabric (see 'Alternatives' below).

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Beva 371 Film 13mm x 18M
Pack Size: Roll Price: £12.50 ex VAT In Stock
Beva 371 Film 686mm x 6M
P695-371 695-371
Pack Size: Roll Price: £124.50 ex VAT In Stock

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