Just-in-Case Case Disaster Preparedness Kit

A new, even more comprehensive, Just-in-case case disaster kit will be available soon.

The new high capacity kit will have even more items to help you cope with any disaster and will be housed in a new improved transit trolley. Be the first to know when the new kits are in stock by clicking here.
You can still purchase the existing Just-in-case case kit without the transit trolley on this page - click here.

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Just-in-Case Case Disaster Preparedness Kit
P377-3777 377-3777
Pack Size: Each Price: £349.00 ex VAT Out Of Stock - Notify when back in stock
Accessories to fit P377-3777 377-3777
Just-in-Case-Case Disaster preparedness kit - no trolley
P377-3778 377-3778
Pack Size: Each Price: £285.00 ex VAT Out Of Stock - Notify when back in stock


Protection for Recovery Team
Tyvek protection Hooded Suits 1 x Medium 1 x Large
Goggles for dust and liquids x 2
Hi-Visibility Vests x 2
Rubber over Boots x 2 pairs medium & large
Poncho (re-usable) x 2
Disposable Aprons pack 100
Dust masks for fine toxic dust & aqueous mists x 2
Tough work gloves x 2 medium & large
White cotton gloves pack 10 large

Clean – up Items
Mop High water absorbsion
Broom, Handle
Bucket with wringer
Heavy duty rubbish or recovery bags x 5
High Absorbing sponges x 2
Dust pan & brush
Smoke sponges x 2
Zipper Bags x 50 A4 Size
Absorbent Cloths x pack 10
Pel Cloths micro fibre x 2

Preparing damage survey
Clipboard lined pad 2 x pencils
Rite in rain pad
Permanent marker pens x 2
Tyvek waterproof labels – pack 50
Accident camera kit

Windup torch x 1
Head lamp x 1
Safety light sticks (12hr) x 5

Deflecting & Absorbing Water
Tarpaulin sheet with tying eyelets x 1
Absorbent strips 60cm tear – off strips x 10
Absorbent water barricade cushions x 4 (20 litre absorbtion each)

Other useful items
Red / white Barrier tape 70mm x 50 metre roll
Utility knife
Duck tape 48mm x 50 metre roll
Nylon strong cord 3.2mm x 14.6 metre

In an emergency The Just-in-case case is a two wheeled trolley which can be pulled up steps or the boxes removed for separate handling.

On the top of the trolley the contents of each box are listed so that any items may be found quickly. Both boxes are security sealed so that it would be it is obvious of the seals were to be broken. Items may have been removed and not replaced. Spare security seals are provided with each kit, in an emergency seals are broken, just as they are on fire extinguishers.

Location labels are provided with each kit, they can then be placed around the building with the details on where the Just in Case case is housed. Should any item of the Just in case case be used or removed, all contents can be ordered separately.

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