Microclimate Filtration material

Microclimate filtration material supplied by PEL is a high capacity scavenger to remove indoor pollutant gases in museum display cases and archival boxes. Eliminates sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, acetic acid, formic acid, formaldehyde and other pollutants for localized protection of works of art.

All the mentioned corrosive pollutants in our atmosphere contribute to the deterioration of all organic materials. They tarnish metals, yellow paper, crack paintings and they come from a multitude of sources beyond our control.

With PEL Microclimate Filtration material the influence of relative humidity is negligible eliminating the chance of desorption, which is not the case with other carbon absorbents.

Contains patented absorbents proven to outperform other filtration mediums, removing large amounts of indoor corrosive pollutants in a short period of time. The material is manufactured 588mm wide, pricing is per linear metre. Available in 1 metre increments cut to each customer’s specific length requirement.

Microclimate Filtration Pad
The pad is microclimate filtration media encapsulation into a non-woven polyester filtration material. This prevents the material from shedding any particles and is much easier.

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Microclimate Cloth 588mm wide 1 Metre
P719-2100 719-2100
Pack Size: 1 Metre Price: £23.95 ex VAT Out Of Stock - Notify when back in stock
Microclimate Cloth 588mm wide 5 Metres
P719-2500 719-2500
Pack Size: 5 Metres Price: £105.95 ex VAT Out Of Stock - Notify when back in stock

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