PEL Chemical Resistant Sprayer

Designed for heavy-duty, long-term industrial liquid applications. The PEL-Sprayer features a clog-proof nozzle capable of delivering an infinitely variable and consistent spray pattern ranging from a fine mist to a powerful jet stream.

Recommended Uses: Water, Deacidification Solutions, Liquid Waxes, Detergents, Starches, Ceramic Cleaners, Leather Polishes and many other conservation uses.

Clog proof nozzle: Precision .30mm opening, prevents dust from entering. Fine nylon filter on dip tube keeps nozzle clog free.

Adjustable spray pattern: At just the twist of a wrist, from a fine atomized mist to a powerful jet stream.

Straight line pump action: Ensures more forceful, immediate action. Spray nozzle, priming valve, high pressure plunger, and suction mechanism are in-line for reliable consistent operation.

Patented easy pull pump action: The PEL Sprayer has less pull tension to combat fatigue.

Non-vacuum valve: Delivers sufficient liquid regardless of the amount left in bottle.

The most chemical resistant sprayer on the market: All parts of the PEL sprayer are made of polypropylene or polyethylene with no rubber “O” rings or gaskets to dry out or deteriorate. Rust-proof springs and check valve are made of the finest quality stainless steel.

Exclusive pressure release device: Prevents bottle collapse no matter how hard you spray. Positive venting system prevents product container collapse.

28mm standard screw cap: Fits any container, glass, metal or plastic with a 28mm threaded neck.

Spray container: Palm size handle grip and liquid measurement sale.

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PEL Chemical Resistant Sprayer
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