PEL Book Suction Device

Book suction table developed for paper conservation in bound books. Allows conservation of single pages by inserting the wedge shaped perforated platen.

Reduced to clear, was £795.00

The working surface and book support can be adjusted to prevent stress to a bound volume, ensuring the page on which you are working lies horizontal while work takes place. The platen is made from stainless steel with perforations of 1mm diameter and has a working surface of 380 x 300mm.

To reduce pressure and perforation size therefore preventing impressions from platen, use Saatifil as a buffer between platen and page. When cleaning, consider Evolon material as opposed to a traditional blotter.

Comes complete with 2.5m connecting hose. Platen Size: 380 x 300mm Overall Size: 425mm x 300mm x 300mm Requires vacuum system, 561-4500 recommended.

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PEL Book Suction Device
P805-3007 805-3007
Pack Size: Each Price: £665.00 ex VAT In Stock
Accessories to fit P805-3007 805-3007
Vacuum Wet & Dry Cleaner with Adjustable Suction
P561-4500 561-4500
Pack Size: Each Price: £449.50 ex VAT Due in Stock

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