Digital Eyepiece Camera for Microscope

We offer 2 Digital Eyepiece cameras for use with conventional microscopes. These cameras simply slot into the ocular (eyepiece) of a conventional microscope.

The 23mm ocular size is designed to fit all 23mm ocular microscopes, all PEL's current microscopes are this size. Secondly we have a 23/30mm model which fits both 23 and 30mm ocular sizes, these are the 2 most common sizes of oculars so will fit the majority of microscopes, but please check your microscope before purchasing, you can do this by removing the eyepiece and measuring the internal diameter (ideally with some vernier calipers).

Both models have a USB output and a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels (1.3 megapixels).

The supplied capture software for Windows (or Macs OS 10.4 and above) enables the user to capture still images, real-time video and time-lapsed video streams quickly and easily. Once a still image has been captured text and graphics can easily be added using the built in editing tools, after which the image can be saved in a selection of resolutions, shared or emailed easily. The software also includes measurement features, once an image has been captured the user enters the magnification value, as read from the microscope dial, after which measurements such as length, angle and circle circumference can be taken and added to the image as text and graphics for future reference. The microscope can also be self-calibrated this feature allows the magnification value, as entered by the user, to be calibrated against a known measurement and increases the accuracy of the measurements taken.

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Digital Microscope Eyepiece Camera 23, 30 & 30.5mm Occular
P873-423X 873-423X
Pack Size: Each Price: £199.05 ex VAT In Stock 48hr
Digital Microscope Eyepiece Camera 23mm Ocular
P873-4230 873-4230
Pack Size: Each Price: £180.00 ex VAT Low Stock

System Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.5GHz or faster
  • O/S: Windows Vista, XP or 2000. MAC O/S 10.1 or above (10.4 and above for full support).
  • RAM: at least 256MB (more recommended)
  • Disk: at least 150MB of available disk space
  • VGA card: 16-bit or above
  • USB: 1 available port (USB2.0 recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive

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