USB Inspection Camera

USB inspection camera with a 5m cable. It is ideal for inspecting areas that are otherwise impossible or difficult to view, e.g. inside ceramics, cavities or voids in furniture, under or around large and immovable objects such as display cabinets. This can also be useful in insect and pest management, surveying storage areas and ceiling cavities.

This easy to use camera connects directly to the computer or laptop via a USB port and takes its power from the same. There are 6 adjustable ultra bright LED lights to aid inspection of dark areas. Data capture facility for still images or video. The 6mm camera is small enough to be placed into very narrow holes or gaps.

  • Semi-rigid flexible probe can be pre-formed to access hard to reach places
  • Waterproof to IP-67
  • USB interface for direct connection to a PC or Laptop
  • Powered via USB connection
  • Light adjustment control for 6 ultra bright LED's
  • Capture video images and stills which can be attached to emails or reports
  • Supplied with software
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