Optivisor binocular magnifier

The precision Optivisor binocular magnifier leaves both hands free for detailed work.

Lightweight and comfortable in use, designed for conservators who require to see minute detail clearly while using their hands.

The high quality glass lenses are ground and polished to exacting standards. Three easily interchangeable lens plates with magnification from 1.5x to 3.5x are available and can be purchased separately. They can be worn over normal spectacles and tilt upwards when not in use.

The binoculars come with 1.5x magnification lens. 2.75x lens and 3.5x lens are available separately.

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Binocular Magnifier with 1.5X Magnification Lensplate
Pack Size: Each Price: £49.80 ex VAT In Stock
2.75X (Lens Only)
Pack Size: Each Price: £35.25 ex VAT In Stock
3.5X (Lens Only)
Pack Size: Each Price: £35.75 ex VAT In Stock

Working Distance:

873-7744: 10" (250mm)

873-7775: 6" (150mm)

873-7735: 4" (100mm)


873-7744: 142g

873-7775: 35g

873-7735: 35g

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