Digital Microscope - Long working Distance adjustable stand

Our long working distance digital microscope comes as a complete kit which includes the microscope, high quality adjustable stand and software. It is ideal for digital magnification of papers, paintings, textiles, small artefacts and fragments. This product is ideal for sharing digital images with colleagues via email. The microscope works at a distance of 5-15cm from the item, giving room to work on the object while viewing, the stand is used to focus and provide a steady image.

This microscope camera offers the same high quality 1.3M pixel imaging and measurement functionality with a 20x-90x magnification range for longer working distances. The 8 built-in white LEDs (which can be turned on/off in software) illuminate the subject and the MicroTouch feature allows images to be captured by simply touching the MicroTouch sensor at the end of the microscope.

The supplied capture software for Windows(or Macs OS 10.4 and above) enables the user to capture still images, real-time video and time-lapsed video streams quickly and easily. Once a still image has been captured text and graphics can easily be added using the built in picture editing tools after which the image can be saved in a selection of resolutions, shared and emailed from within the capture user interface. The software also includes measurement features, once an image has been captured the user enters the magnification value, as read from the microscope dial, after which measurements such as length, angle and circle circumference can be taken and added to the image as text and graphics for future reference. The microscope can also be self-calibrated this feature allows the magnification value, as entered by the user, to be calibrated against a known measurement and increases the accuracy of the measurements taken.

The compact stand allows a large range of positioning options and is exceptionally well made.

  • Up to 24cm of vertical working distance
  • Up to 50mm of fine focus adjustment
  • Up to 32cm of horizontal reach
  • Boom arm provides 360 degree of rotation
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Digital Microscope - Long working Distance adjustable stand
Pack Size: Each Price: £413.00 ex VAT In Stock 48hr

System Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.5GHz or faster
  • O/S: Windows Vista, XP or 2000. MAC O/S 10.1 or above (10.4 and above for full support).
  • RAM: at least 256MB (more recommended)
  • Disk: at least 150MB of available disk space
  • VGA card: 16-bit or above
  • USB: 1 available port (USB2.0 recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive

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