PelTek - Tyvek Alternative

PelTek is a spunbonded material it is inert, very strong, breathable and hydrophobic.

We introduced this material from the many requests for low price breathable soft wrapping material for works of art. Especially popular in Europe.

  • Peltek is inert, spunbonded, 100% polypropylene
  • Extremely low linting soft material
  • Available in two widths and weights
  • Does not fray when cut in any direction, it has no grain and can be cut with scissors or a rotary cutter.

Conservators are finding various usages for this material, the price is 75% less expensive than other materials such as Tyvek.

See 'Alternatives' tab below for our range of Tyvek materials.

Code Description Pack Size Price Stock QTY
P211-2230 211-2230 Peltek - 30gsm - 1200mm x 100M Roll £38.00 (ex VAT) In Stock
P211-2250 211-2250 Peltek - 50gsm - 1520mm x 100M Roll £67.00 (ex VAT) In Stock
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P688-9651 688-9651 Heavy Duty Rotary Cutter Each £15.50 (ex VAT) Low Stock
L741-1015BF 741-1015BF 254 x 381mm Pkg 100 £8.43 (ex VAT) In Stock
L741-1520BF 741-1520BF 381 x 508mm Pkg 100 £20.20 (ex VAT) In Stock
L741-3040BF 741-3040BF 762 x 1016mm Pkg 100 £38.15 (ex VAT) In Stock
L741-2504BF 741-2504BF 1016mm x 76M Roll £39.48 (ex VAT) In Stock
L741-5004BF 741-5004BF 1016mm x 152M Roll £67.41 (ex VAT) In Stock
L741-1040BF 741-1040BF 1016mm x 305M Roll £129.39 (ex VAT) Due in Stock
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P425-0210 425-0210 Parcel Tape Clear 48mm X 66M Pkg 6 £5.95 (ex VAT) Low Stock
P425-0643 425-0643 Parcel Tape Fragile 50mm X 66M Roll £1.69 (ex VAT) In Stock