Museum Wax

Museum Wax - previously known as 'Be still my art' helps to secure items on shelves and surfaces preventing accidental damage or movement.

Protect your valuable collections from accidental damage, bumps, quakes, jolts. A special blend of microcrystalline waxes makes Museum Wax safe for use on crystal, porcelain, marble glass, ceramic and wood finishes. Only use on lacquered or finished surfaces (non-porous) stain can be left behind on unfinished (porous) surfaces.

Perfect for mounting breakable objects to shelves, stands and display cases. Performs well as a temporary "glue" to hold items in place whilst being cleaned, repaired or photographed. To use, attach a pea size bead to the contact base of your object, then with a slightly twisting motion, press your piece into place.

To remove simply twist and lift. Scrape up the excess wax for reuse and wipe away any residue with a soft cloth.

Available in 56g tester pot size and 368g Standard pot size.

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Museum Wax - 368g (13 oz)
P615-8000 615-8000
Pack Size: Each Price: £8.95 ex VAT In Stock
Museum Wax - 56g (2 oz)
P615-6611 615-6611
Pack Size: Each Price: £3.95 ex VAT In Stock

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