Sustainability Policy

Preservation Equipment Ltd are committed to improving corporate practices and systems to reduce environmental impact.

Reducing Carbon Emissions.

  • Where possible all company journeys (meetings, exhibition attendance etc.) are made on public transport. Visitors are encouraged to use the train for meetings. Company premises are easily accessible from the nearest train station (Diss, 5-minute walk).
  • Communication is encouraged via email & video call or telephone prior to any face-to-face meeting to reduce the number of journeys and repeat visits.
  • Where possible supplier deliveries are consolidated into single shipments reducing the miles and therefore energy used in transport.
  • The majority of our imports are shipped in a single shipping container by sea, rather than numerous shipments by-air or road.
  • Migration to electric vehicles for company car users with charging point at office to encourage usage.
  • Low energy LED lighting panels are installed in office spaces, warehouse and security lighting.
  • Motion sensing light switches are being installed in low traffic areas to reduce wasted energy.
  • We are investing in manufacturing equipment to reduce the number of products we import and their carbon footprint.

Reducing waste

  • We ask all customers who report an imperfect product as a result of an issue during delivery to consider whether the whole, or a portion of the product that is in a usable condition can still be utilised rather than disposed of.
  • 75% of all company waste is recycled
  • Where possible all packaging is reused
  • All PC users are set up to print on both sides of paper to reduce usage. Employees are encouraged to view information on-screen and only print if absolutely necessary.
  • Invoices are sent electronically wherever possible and email used instead of printed letters.
  • Online sales processing and management reporting is delivered and analysed electronically.
  • We are constantly working on improving our manufacturing processes, and product designs to reduce any subsequent waste product.
  • Constant product development and research endeavours to find more sustainable and energy efficient products.
  • Our range of products is designed for long term storage not single short-term use. We seek to educate that the use of single use PVC plastics is not suitable from an environmental or storage point of view.

Local suppliers and community

We encourage the use of local suppliers for business purposes, supporting the local community and reducing unnecessary journeys or deliveries. Usable products which are unsuitable for resale are donated to charitable trusts and students of conservation for the benefit of education.

Updated 13/05/2022

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