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heidleberg die cutting

At PEL we have been steadily developing our manufacturing base for many years regularly adding and updating our machinery. We now manufacture a wide range of products in-house and specialise in low volume production techniques allowing us to produce even single bespoke pieces at reasonable prices.

We specialise in archival storage products and conservation materials and work with specialist suppliers from around the world. We have undertaken a number of unique design and manufacture projects for our customers who require trusted materials and high quality finished items.

What we can make

Here are some of the most popular products we make in-house

Digital cutting machine

At PEL we have the facilities to die cut and digitally cut boxes from both corrugated and solid board. We can process extremely large sheet sizes enabling us to build boxes to almost any size requirement. We stock a variety of box boards and can source others upon request. Our machines are capable of cutting, creasing and bevelling.

Polyester Pockets
We can manufacture polyester pockets from as small as 50 x 50mm to 1500 x 1500mm. With a variety of machinery for producing polyester pockets, depending on the production size and volume, it can either be a manual or fully automated process. The material we use (Melinex 401) is made in the UK in Dumfries by Celanese/Dupont.

Folders and Envelopes
We can take paper directly from the paper mill and convert it into finished folders and envelopes. Having our own folder/gluer line gives us complete control of the production process and allows us to use conservation quality adhesives when producing envelopes. Most envelope manufacturers typically use fast drying solvent based adhesives with plasticisers which in most cases are not suitable for long term storage applications. They use these potentially harmful glues so the machines can run faster, at the expense of the integrity of the enclosure.Sewing
At PEL our machinery has been adapted specifically to run with our own archival PVA and EVA glues (this is the same acid-free glue our customers use and trust) to ensure our finished envelopes are perfect for long term storage. We do have to run our machinery slower to ensure the glue has time to dry but we’re happy to do so to produce a completely archival product made from the materials you can trust.

Garment Covers
Using Tyvek we digitally cut material into shape and then sew panels together to form covers for garments and other items. Digital cutting allows us to produce consistently sized covers regardless of quantity.

PEL buys a wide variety of conservation materials directly from their manufacturers such as Tyvek, Melinex, Reemay, Dartek, Hollytex, Tissue Paper and many more. This removes the requirement for additional transportation and packing materials associated with 3rd party re-reeling and slitting services. We buy these as large format “master rolls” typically 2000m or more in length and cut them down into more manageable rolls to supply to our customers. We can supply these materials in any length or width subject to certain production conditions.

re-reeling service

Core Manufacturing Processes

At PEL we are able to undertake the following core processes meeting the requirements for a wide range of order requirements.

  • Material Rewinding/Slitting
  • Polyester Welding/Sealing
  • Die cutting
  • Digital Cutting
  • Folding / Gluing
  • Handwork
  • Guillotining

large polyester pocket

Ensuring higher standards for our products

Our goal when producing product ourselves is always to achieve the highest possible standards by having complete control over the production process. We consult with conservation professionals on design and select only the best quality materials to make products you can trust. We undertake testing, such as the PAT test, to ensure that the materials used are suitable for long term storage.

Sustainability through manufacturing

Manufacturing forms part of our sustainability policy. It allows us to buy materials directly from source and turn them into product ready for our customers. This minimizes transport miles, packaging use, and handling. We can also ensure that any waste/offcuts are either converted into ancillary products or recycled appropriately.

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