About us

Cliff Gothorp founded Preservation Equipment Ltd in 1986; his objective was to create a company that would provide access to quality materials and equipment for professionals working in the field of conservation and preservation of archives and works of art and ancient artefacts.

Today, Preservation Equipment Ltd. has a trusted reputation that is recognised by major institutions worldwide. The company has been built on providing quality products at the best prices, with large stock levels (the highest in Europe) to enable prompt delivery. Coupled with excellent customer service and an ever expanding range of products PEL has earned the reputation as the market leader.

Preservation Equipment Ltd’s foundations were established in the manufacture of a single product, the polyester sealing machine, which enables in-house bespoke sized polyester encapsulation. This was the very first product marketed by the company. Thirty years later and the design has moved on, see our latest ‘Crossweld’ polyester sealing machine here, it’s also been joined by around 7000 other items. blog imageSince those humble beginnings other companies have tried to copy the design of our polyester welder but have not achieved the quality or reliability. Indeed, we have a track record for innovation and product design within the marketplace, bringing to market the ‘Preservation Pencil’ and ‘Museum Vac’, plus many other items. As always, Preservation Equipment Ltd. continues to introduce new products and ‘leads the field’ in supplying materials and equipment for conservation and preservation.

We are proud that the company is recognised as the leading outlet for developments in preservation and conservation. This is the reason why other organisations request PEL to exclusively market their products and developments. Such companies as Lineco Inc., University Products Inc, Gemini Tinytalk and Tinytag data loggers, Print File Archival Photographic Storage, and Thermocutter just to mention a few.

We ship products to some of the greatest institutions around the world, we also have a unique partnership for customers in North America with UPI (University Products Inc). Their site can be found at: http://www.universityproducts.com. University Products Inc. of America and Preservation Equipment Ltd have a strong business relationship that has existed for over twenty years. Together, the two companies offer the largest stocks and most complete selection of archival and conservation quality products in the world.

Our unique relationship with our overseas suppliers, combined with our in-house manufacturing facility, has enabled us to keep our prices as low as possible, and our dispatch times faster than our competitors. Our purpose built extensive warehouse and distribution centre, opened February 2000, ensures you continue to receive the service you have come to expect from PEL. In 2005, the warehouse was extended to accommodate the increase in demand and new products added to our extensive range.

We look forward to serving you.

Preservation Equipment are members of the following:

Corporate Members at The Museums Association
Members of Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
Holders of The Royal Warrant

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