Digital Microscopes & Imaging

Professional, portable, digital microscopes from 10x to 220x magnification, use as a handheld unit or in a stand.

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digital microscopes digital microscope softwareAll models feature; Free image viewing and capturing software with annotation/measurement & calibration (Windows & Mac), Fast USB 2.0 connection.
digital microscope accessoriesAccessories: Accessories are available to suit our range of microscopes; Stands and stand accessories for additional positioning options (view below), WiFi streaming for wireless viewing, Footswitch for hands-free image capture.
Special Features (see applicable models below):
  • AMR (Automatic Magnification Reading) displays the current level of magnification on-screen
  • EDOF (Extended Depth of Field) combines images at different focus levels for overall clarity on uneven surfaces into one image with a single click
  • EDR (Extended Dynamic Range) increases the dynamic range by combining images taken at different exposure levels into one image with only one click
  • FLC (Flexible LED Control) With 4-quadrants switching capability and 6-levels luminance adjustability, the FLC provides greater controllability over the built-in LEDs

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Model Res. Magnification Long Working Distance Exchangeable Caps Polariser Metal Housing ESD safe Additional Feat. Type of LEDS
AM4113ZT 1.3MP 10x-70x, 200x N N Y N N - 8 x White
AM4013MZT 1.3MP 10x-70x, 200x N N Y Y Y - 8 x White
AM4515ZT 1.3MP 20x-220x N Y Y N N AMR 8 x White
AM7915MZT 5MP 10x-220x N Y Y Y Y AMR/EDOF/EDR/FLC 8 x White
AM4113ZTL 1.3MP 20x-90x Y N Y N N - 8 x White
AM4515ZTL 1.3MP 10x-140x Y Y Y N N AMR 8 x White
AM7915MZTL 5MP 10x-140x Y Y Y Y Y AMR/EDOF/EDR/FLC 8 x White
AM4113T-FV2W 1.3MP 10-70x & 200x N N N N N - 4 x 375nm UV + 4 x white
AD4113T-I2V 1.3MP 20x-200x N Y N N N - 4 x 390/400nm UV + 4 x 940nm IR
AM4115T-FUW 1.3MP 20x-220x N Y N N N - 4 x 375nm UV + 4 x white
AM7115MT-FUW 5MP 20x-220x N Y N Y Y - 4 x 375nm UV + 4 x white

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