Drop Front Herbarium Box 17" x 12-1.4" x 5"

An excellent choice for either specimen storage or for transporting groups of mounted specimens.

  • 60 pt. acid-free, lignin-free blue/grey boxboard exterior, white interior
  • Buffered with 3% calcium carbonate
  • Deep lid, drop front design
  • Passed PAT
  • Metal edge construction provides stacking strength

These durable boxes have metal edges at all corners for stacking strength (no adhesive used) and drop front bottoms (short side) so items can be removed without damage. Will accommodate genus folders or specimens mounted on Herbarium Mounting Sheets. The acid-free (pH 8.5) blue/grey board has 3% calcium carbonate added to buffer against migrant acidity. Price per box.Preservation equipment metal edge box

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Drop Front Herbarium Box 17" x 12-1.4" x 5"
P999-735-1715 735-1715
Pack Size: Each Price: £11.35 ex VAT In Stock

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