Organiser Trays (Fit 35L Really Useful Box)

These trays are ideal for use in conjunction with 35 litre Really Useful Boxes 755-0035 although will also fit inside other sizes too.

The trays are 375(L) mm x 310(W) mm x 90(D) mm and are available with either 6 or 16 compartments.

The system is ideal for storing fragments, specimens, small fossils, minerals, shells, jewellery, medals and various artefact collections. We recommend our 979-1000, 100% polyester batting/wadding to create nests to protect fragile contents.

A 35 litre box will hold 3 trays. Each tray has a lip to allow stacking, and prevents them slipping apart. When stacked they sit squarely upon each other which allows them to be used without a box if necessary.

Box size Maximum trays per box
18 litre 2
20 litre 2
35 litre 3
50 litre 4
64 litre 6
84 litre 8

No. of compartments & size: 755-00T1 = 6 x 150mm x 120mm 755-00T2 = 16 x 90mm x 74mm

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Divider Tray 6 Compartments 375 x 310 x 90mm
P755-00T1 755-00T1
Pack Size: Each Price: £4.70 ex VAT In Stock
Divider Tray 16 Compartments 375 x 310 x 90mm
P755-00T2 755-00T2
Pack Size: Each Price: £4.70 ex VAT In Stock
Accessories to fit
35 Litre Int Size 370 x 310 x 280mm (ideal for suspension files)
P755-0035 755-0035
Pack Size: Each Price: £13.50 ex VAT In Stock
Polyester Batting and Wadding
P979-1000 979-1000
Pack Size: Roll Price: £43.95 ex VAT In Stock

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