Reel to Reel Audio Tape Boxes

Reel to reel boxes for archival storage of audio tapes up to 10.5", including common 7" reel size, and tape widths up to 1/2".

The boxes that are normally supplied with reel to reel tapes, although convenient, are usually made of acidic chipboard, covered with acidic stock and unstable adhesives. In order to maintain the integrity of the tape material, and therefore the recorded sound, you should store them in an acid-free, dust-free environment that also provides physical protection. Preservation equipment metal edge box

Our reel to reel audio tapes boxes are constructed of unbuffered (pH neutral) lignin-free board with a low-dust surface. The two-piece design is made with a snug lid to stay closed during storage. Boxes accommodate tapes on reels either with or without flanges. The box for 267mm reels comes with a removable insert which has a 75mm hub to keep smaller reels from shifting and creating static and dust.

  • Storage for common sizes of reel to reel tapes
  • Sturdy acid-free box board for protection from deterioration and damage
  • Metal edge fixing, no adhesives to off-gas or dry out
  • PAT (photographic activity test) passed protects from UV light damage

It is also important to regulate temperature and relative humidity when storing magnetic tapes, see recommended for environmental monitoring equipment.

Constructed in the UK.

799-7070 - For reels up to 178mm (7") internal dimensions of 178 x 178 x 18mm 799-1111 - For reels up to 267mm (10.5") internal dimensions of 279 x 279 x 18mm

Internal dimensions shown unless otherwise stated

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Audio Tape Box for 7" Reels
P999-799-7070 799-7070
Pack Size: Each Price: £4.10 ex VAT In Stock
Audio Tape Box for 10-1/2" Reels
P999-799-1111 799-1111
Pack Size: Each Price: £8.40 ex VAT In Stock

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