Large Format Acid-free Buffered Paper - Perma/Dur®

Acid-free, buffered paper in large formats, ideal for wrapping and interleaving prints and drawings. Perma/Dur Bond (75 gsm).

Buffered paper provides protection against the atmosphere (i.e. acidity) and may also be used as printing or drawing paper where an acid-free sheet is required.

  • Acid-free
  • Substance 20, White
  • pH 8.5
  • 75 gsm
  • Available in sheet and roll format
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280mm x 432mm (11" x 17") Large Buffered Paper Sheets
L678-1711 678-1711
Pack Size: Pkg 500 Price: £51.50 ex VAT In Stock
432mm x 559mm (17" x 22") Large Buffered Paper Sheets
L678-1722 678-1722
Pack Size: Pkg 50 Price: £13.50 ex VAT In Stock
813mm x 1016mm (32" x 40") Large Buffered Paper Sheets
L678-3240 678-3240
Pack Size: Pkg 50 Price: £56.50 ex VAT Due in Stock
91 metres x 863mm roll (100yd x 34") Roll
L678-3400 678-3400
Pack Size: Roll Price: £92.00 ex VAT Due in Stock

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