Automatic Dehumidifier

Commercial quality dehumidifier - light and compact enough to be lifted and carried with ease. Requires no installation, just position the unit where it's needed, plug in, switch on and leave it to get on with the job. Due to energy efficient heat pump technology, costs no more than a television to run.

  • The product should be part of disaster planning, and can extract up to 10 litres of water per day.
  • Operates from 3°C - 35°C unlike imported models, it is designed to operate more effectively at lower temperatures
  • Suitable for spaces of up to 80 square metres.
  • The humidistat control can be set to the level of humidity required - automatically switches the machine on when humidity rises, and off when the selected level of dryness has been achieved.
  • Automatically switches itself off when the water container is full - so preventing overflowing, although a permanent drainage kit can be purchased separately.
  • Fitted with rear dust filter and easy to move castors and carry handle.
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P810-0035 810-0035 Dehumidifier (220/240 volt) Each £360.00 (ex VAT) Low Stock
P810-0035/1 810-0035/1 Dehumidifier Permanent Drainage Kit Each £7.40 (ex VAT) Due in Stock
Specification Recommended Alternatives
  • Height (mm) 550
  • Width (mm) 345
  • Depth (mm) 350
  • Weight(kgs) 26
  • Voltage 230
  • Phase 1
  • Frequency(Hz) 50
  • Power(kW) 0.25
  • Current(A) 2
  • Airflow(m3/hr) 150
  • Noise Level(dba) 50
  • Effective Volume(m3) 100
  • Typical Extraction(l/d) 10
  • Min Operating Temp (°C) 3
  • Max OperatingTemp (°C) 35
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P377-3022 377-3022 Water Absorbent Snakes for protection from leaks and spills Pkg 20 £49.54 (ex VAT) In Stock
P404-5010 404-5010 Silica Gel Orange Self Indicating 10 gram sachets Pkg 10 £3.95 (ex VAT) In Stock
P404-5100 404-5100 Silica Gel Orange Self Indicating 500 Gram £7.95 (ex VAT) In Stock
P404-5300 404-5300 Silica Gel Orange Self Indicating 3Kg £28.99 (ex VAT) In Stock
P377-3002 377-3002 White Ecologic Mop Head Each £1.60 (ex VAT) In Stock
P377-3005 377-3005 Inclined Broom Red Each £2.95 (ex VAT) In Stock
P377-3003 377-3003 Multipiece Red Metal Handle Each £2.45 (ex VAT) In Stock
P377-3004 377-3004 13 Litre Bucket & Wringer Each £2.80 (ex VAT) In Stock
P377-3006 377-3006 Broom,Mop, Handle & Bucket Set Each £9.00 (ex VAT) In Stock
P561-440 561-440 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Each £131.70 (ex VAT) Low Stock
P561-61156 561-61156 Filter Bags for 561-440 Pkg 5 £9.95 (ex VAT) In Stock
P952-6000 952-6000 Thermohygrometer Each £79.95 (ex VAT) In Stock
P952-CAL 952-CAL Thermohygrometer Initial Calibration Certificate Each £95.00 (ex VAT) Made to Order
P9903-7150 9903-7150 Thermohygrometer Tinytag Each £195.00 (ex VAT) In Stock