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Compare absorbent products

When preparing a disaster plan it's important to be able to respond to any leaks or spills with adequate absorbent products. Here is a table to help select the correct absorbent products for your requirements based upon liquid capacity.

Fluid capacities of absorbent products
Product code Description Each Unit Fluid Capacity Number in Pack Total pack fluid capacity Image


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Absorbent pads 400mm x 500mm. Ideal for smaller volume leaks in a large area or to complement other cushions or snakes. 1 litre

100 pads

One pack can cover 20sq metres.

100 Litres


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Absorbent Strips (105mm wide) - Ideal for window sills, under doors, under furniture, radiators and other tight spaces. Smaller leaks. Integral warning pattern and saturation indicator.


2 Litres 50 x 600mm strips (30 metres in total) 100 Litres


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Absorbent Snakes ideal for leaks at doorways or windows where strips are not sufficient. 1200mm long. Use together with pads in larger leaks. 6 litres 20 snakes (24 metres in total length) 120 litres


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Absorbent Cushion for larger leaks floods and flood protection. Saturated cushions can be used like a sand bag. 570mm x 420mm x 5mm 20 Litres 1 Cushion 20 Litres

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