WATER Alert flood alarm

Water alert guards against undetected water leakage caused by flooding, burst pipes, structural failure by sounding an alarm.

A small amount of water seeping under water alert activates its electronic sensor producing a loud high pitched "on-off" alarm. Self contained, the dome shape is rugged, non-corrosive and safe. Sensor adjusts easily to allow activation from 0.4mm to 3mm above surface. Will not activate due to high humidity.

The battery operated, sealed solid state circuitry, will provide approx. 3-day on/off audible alarm when activated (9 volt battery not included). Easily heard throughout a two storey building for full day/night surveillance.

Ideal for flood prone areas and buildings who suffer from water ingress to ensure valuable items can be moved before damage occurs.

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WATER Alert flood alarm
L476-1000 476-1000
Pack Size: Each Price: £298.00 ex VAT Low Stock

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