Mannequin Male, Female and Child figures

Male, female and child conservation quality display figures.

Made from solid Ethafoam, figures include; hip block, chest block, arms and stand. These figures can be easily padded up, or carved down to suit your requirements. Padding is 100% polyester, with a 100% polyester stockinette cover.

Simple connection for arms, with some bend possible at elbow, and shoulders rotate fully. If required, heads, hands and feet are also available (see below, bought separately). Hands are supplied connected to arms

Stand: Powder coated with a flat metal base, the stand allows for height adjustment and offset options (i.e. for trouser legs). A 1224mm pole is inserted through the centre of the hips and torso blocks for centre mounting. For trouser mounting, a 864mm pole is inserted into the offset leg hole, with a 508mm pole supporting the waist and torso.

Feet: Feet are from the base of the knee to the bottom of the foot, an articulated in-step allows a range of heel heights. Attach under the hip of the form and hang, doesn't exert pressure on shoes.

Heads: Fit onto the neck of our classic forms, are featureless, and are available in small and large sizes to suit the form to which they are fitted. Size measured around crown.

Hands: Posable joint at wrist. Supplied fitted to arms (when ordered).

Overall height, and the distance between the waist and torso are adjustable. A kit of polyester padding, allen key and T-pins is included.

See 'Specification' tab below for more details on sizes.
Please note: image of female form displaying evening dress requires additional support to achieve the displayed appearance. Child forms do not include head, thighs, feet or hands.

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Museum High Neck Figure Female
P333-45HNF 333-45HNF
Pack Size: Each Price: £899.00 ex VAT Made to Order
Museum High Neck Figure Male
P333-45HNM 333-45HNM
Pack Size: Each Price: £899.00 ex VAT Made to Order
Museum Figure Child
P333-4600 333-4600
Pack Size: Each Price: £874.50 ex VAT Low Stock
Museum Feet for Figures
P333-5050 333-5050
Pack Size: Each Price: £161.90 ex VAT Made to Order
Small Museum Head for High Neck Figure
P333-5015S 333-5015S
Pack Size: Each Price: £116.55 ex VAT Made to Order
Large Museum Head for High Neck Figure
P333-5015L 333-5015L
Pack Size: Each Price: £116.55 ex VAT Made to Order
Museum Hands for Figures
P333-5100 333-5100
Pack Size: Each Price: £110.00 ex VAT Made to Order

Size information for figures:

333-45HNM Male 4ft 10" - 6ft 34" 23" 28" 7" 31"
333-45HNF Female 4ft 10" - 6ft 29" 23" 20" 6" 31"
333-4600 Child 3ft - 4ft 4" 24" 17.5" 20.5" 5.5" 29.5"

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