De-roller - Flattens Curled Papers

Easily flatten curled or folded documents, papers, prints and posters in minutes. Ideal for preparing for flat storage, digitising and framing when papers have been stored in a rolled state.

The de-roller is simple, effective and suitable for most paper types. Non rag papers will require more de-rolling time to flatten than 100% rag papers.


  • Place the print on the white carrier film with it curling upward
  • Gently roll the weighted bar away from you wrapping the paper between the bar and the film
  • Hold the wrapped print, or use the velcro strap, for between 5-60 seconds (some trial and error required due to material and humidity, excessive time may take the curl in the opposite direction)
  • Turn the paper 180 degrees and repeat to balance the effect if required
  • Remove your flattened paper

To prevent tacky prints or adhesives from adhering to the de-roller, please use a cover sheet of silicone coated paper or polyester (please see accessories below). You may also wish to protect the surface of more vulnerable art or documents using the same release materials.

Available in two widths to flatten even large format papers

  • 610mm (24") (workable area of approx 25"x37")
  • 1270mm (50") (workable area of approx 51"x37")
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De-Roller 24" (610mm) width
P487-15024 487-15024
Pack Size: Each Price: £139.95 ex VAT In Stock
De-Roller 50" (1270mm) width
P487-15050 487-15050
Pack Size: Each Price: £187.00 ex VAT In Stock
Accessories to fit 487-15050
Silicone Coated Paper 1200 x 25M
P426-0923 426-0923
Pack Size: Roll Price: £40.00 ex VAT In Stock
Silicone Coated Polyester Film - 23 micron 1030mm x 25M
P534-0023 534-0023
Pack Size: Roll Price: £39.00 ex VAT In Stock

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