Pencils 12pk - Write on Film, Plastic, Glass, Metal & Paper

This truly unique graphite/wax pigment pencil marks paper, glass, plastic and metal and simply wipes off non-porous surfaces, or is easily erased.

  • Works on our Tyvek tags (see 'Recommended' items) below, can be removed with soft vinyl eraser.
  • Will also mark other smooth surfaces such as coated/gloss finished boxes, card, foam or corrugated plastic board requiring little pressure, ideal when box making where a normal pencil will not work.
  • Use on Tyvek tapes and materials when a temporary mark is required (remove with eraser).
  • For marking walls, display cabinets or floors when planning exhibitions

Soft graphite/wax pigment lead. Remove pencil marks with soft white vinyl eraser.

Pack of 12 pencils.

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Pencils 12pk - Write on Film, Plastic, Glass, Metal & Paper
L479-9120 479-9120
Pack Size: Pkg 12 Price: £14.00 ex VAT In Stock
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