A-D Strips Film Deterioration Monitors

A-D Strips are dye-coated paper strips that detect and measure the severity of acetate film deterioration, a.k.a. vinegar syndrome, in film collections.

When placed inside a closed can, bag, box or cabinet in the presence of acidic vapour given off by degrading film A-D Strips change colour to indicate the severity of the level of acidity.

Each kit contains; complete instructions, a reference pencil printed with four bands of colour that correspond to the level of acidity, as well as 250 detector strips (measuring 38 x 10mm).

Three types of plastic have been used in film manufacture:

  1. Nitrate was used from 1890 to 1950
  2. acetate from 1925 to the present
  3. polyester from 1960 to the present

A-D Strips are recommended for use only with acetate film. The film may be in any format: sheet film, roll film, cinema film, or microfilm.

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A-D Strips Film Deterioration Monitors
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A-D Strip Level
Film Condition
Recommended Actions
0 Good—no deterioration Cool or cold storage
1 Fair to Good—deterioration starting Cold storage
Monitor closely
1.5 Rapid decay starting—point of autocatalytic decay Cold or frozen storage
2 Poor—actively degrading Freeze
Copying advisable
3 Critical—shrinkage and warping imminent, possible handling hazard Freeze immediately

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