35mm Negative storage binder page Holds 42 frames total 7x6 frame

Print File Negative storage page for 35mm negatives

  • Holds seven 35mm strips of 6 frames, 42 frames total
  • Archival quality minimal static polyethylene doesn't attract dust like other materials can
  • Front sheet is 75 micron and back sheet is 45 micron
  • Thinner backing allows you to make quality contact sheets without removing or handling negatives
  • Strong continuous seams prevent negative damage
  • Multi-hole punched for storage in 3 and 4 ring binders
  • PAT passed safe for photographic materials
  • Integral strip to make not
  • Print File Preserver 35-7BXW

    Full Page Dimensions (external): 91516"W x 1158"H

    293 x 253mm, multi hole.

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    35mm Negative storage binder page Holds 42 frames total 7x6 frame
    P525-3507 525-3507
    Pack Size: Pkg 100 Price: £21.95 ex VAT In Stock
    Accessories to fit P525-3507 525-3507
    A4+ Ringbinder Box Int Size 335 x 320 x 55mm
    P735-6529 735-6529
    Pack Size: Each Price: £10.00 ex VAT In Stock

    The archival quality print and photo pages are made from premium high clarity polyethylene which contains no harmful chemicals to cause deterioration during long-term storage. Independent laboratory tests prove PrintFile preserver album pages store negatives, slides, transparencies and photos safely. They have passed the Photographic Activity Test per ANSI Standard IT9.2. These archival preservers are acid-free, containing none of the plasticisers, catalysts or solvents found in vinyl. PrintFile have appointed PEL as their European Importer.

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