EasyLog Data Loggers

The Lascar data logger range possesses the latest in data technology with solutions to suit applications across most museum, gallery and archive's requirements. EasyLog Cloud devices can be monitored remotely, providing access to monitoring data over the internet with no need to be on-site

EL Mote Wifi Logger

EL-MOTE - Cloud Connected WiFi Data Logger

The EL-MOTE-TH is a wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system enabling you to stream, view and record temperature and humidity readings continuously via the Cloud, 24/7, using any web browser, smart phone or tablet. Set alarms for temperature and humidity levels and receive instant notification via email alerts or via the Cloud interface when a breach is made. The device is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Wifi DataLogger


This WiFi-enabled temperature, humidity and dew point data logger can remotely monitor an environment over a -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°­­F) and 0 to 100% RH measurement range.

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EL Mote Wifi Logger

EasyLog Slimline Data Logger

This slimline Data logger measures and stores both temperature and humidity information. The unit comes pre-configured with High 25°C, Low 8°C Alarms - simply press the button to start logging. Small enough to fit in your wallet, this datalogger can be used in a variety of situations where other larger models cannot, for example to log data during shipping and transport. Complete with its own USB connector and no software required, it's a complete package.

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More about Lascar dataloggers

British weather can never be guaranteed, so it’s important we keep a close eye on what’s happening indoors as high rainfall outside pushes indoor humidity through the roof. Coupled with the mixed weather and the greater use of heating/cooling systems inside our museums, heritage sites and offices and we have both temperature and humidity fluctuations to deal with. Protecting temperature and humidity-sensitive artefacts in such changeable environments can present quite the headache to conservators – particularly after hours when offices and museums may be unoccupied.

Lascar’s range of WiFi loggers present the perfect solution, remotely sensing and logging both temperature and humidity within any environment with high accuracy internal and external probes. Loggers can be remotely accessed on the EasyLog Cloud from any internet enabled device, including an App for smartphones and tablets, allowing instant and real-time monitoring of conditions. Immediate notifications of alarm breaches can be sent to one or multiple emails with escalating alarm modes if required.

Remote monitoring makes life much easier but Lascar’s loggers also allow users to make changes to any sensor setting completely remotely. A quick view dashboard, accessible from any web-enabled device, gives easy access to data, a quick status of each logger, alarm notifications and the ability to change all device settings. Powerful reporting allows comparisons of multiple devices, from different time periods, data summaries and the ability to add comments.

You can also view your data immediately when you are in that environment by viewing the on board LCD screen which displays real-time data and maximum/minimum readings.

Interested? Read this case study about Lascar’s WiFi data loggers in action at Asia Society in New York www.lascarelectronics.com/media/3117/case-study_el-wifi-asia-society_iss1_01-17.pdf.

Lascar have also released a brand new Cloud-based data logger, EL-MOTE. This new range of 8 temperature and temperature & humidity loggers are streamlined to work perfectly with the EasyLog Cloud. Device set-up is simple using EasyLog’s smartphone App. Once complete, place the sensor anywhere within the WiFi network where data will be streamed to the EasyLog Cloud. EL-MOTE sensors have single and dual channel options and are waterproof for use both indoors and outdoors. Each sensor has a battery life of up to two years or can be main powered and include an on-board indicator and sounder.

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