Slimline Compact Data Logger - RH/Temp

Slimline Data loggers are ideal for shipping, transportation, storage and display logging where a conventional data logger isn’t suitable. Low cost compact units with a capacity to log data for over 7 months (225 days).

  • Logging for objects and artwork when in transport
  • Discreetly log temperature and RH in otherwise inaccessible areas such as inside or behind frames and displays

The Easylog data logger units themselves are incredibly small, measuring only 65x35mm. They are housed in a 70mm x 50mm clear wallet offering the device IP67 protection against dust and water.

Units are preset to log an alarm event should the temperature exceed the (25°c high – 8°c low) alarm condition. This is an LED status indicator which will display if the button is pressed while logging.

Once the required logging session is complete, the clear single-use outer sleeve can be removed. The logger is connected to a PC using its integral USB connector, data can be viewed using the free ‘Easylog’ software (for Windows PCs). You can continue to use the logger until the internal battery is exhausted, however once the clear sleeve is removed the logger is no longer IP67 rated.

  • Logging is started by pressing the button on the top of the unit.
  • Logging interval 10 mins
  • Logging duration 225 days (over 7 months)
  • Maximum capacity of 32,637 readings (RH and Temperature, each)
  • Simple USB connection and free data viewing software
  • Battery life of 12 months (battery is not replaceable)
  • Laboratory/Pharmaceutical specification logger

Further information in ‘Specification’ tab and instructions under 'Downloads'.

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EasyLog Temp & RH
P9902-2004 9902-2004
Pack Size: Each Price: £19.50 ex VAT In Stock

Alarms: High 25°C - Low 8°C
Measurement Range: -30 to +70°C 0 to 100%RH -22 to +158°F
Accuracy (overall error): Temp ±0.3°C (±0.7°F) typical | RH ±2% typical
Battery life: 12 months (minimum)
IP Rating: IP67
Readings: 32,637 Temp & RH

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