How to describe book bindings - Webinar

Do you want to know more about book bindings?

Ann-Marie Miller ACR, an accredited book and archives conservator presents an introductory talk on “Book Bindings & How to Describe Them”. Including; why bindings are important, how to orientate yourself about a book, and introduces a systematic approach to describing them. We delve into some bookbinding terminology whilst looking at lots of examples so that you can to learn to identify them.

The presentation contains a large number of images of book bindings and their constituent parts, which come from a number of different sources. Please do not reproduce these images as they are invariably subject to copyright. Specific details and contact information is available from

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Webinar delivered by Ann-Marie Miller ACR of Codex Conservation - you can contact Ann-Marie at

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Webinar recorded 08/07/21.

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