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How to prevent insect infestation in museums and galleries.

Sticking things together is something humans are pretty good at, there is one method keeping conservators around the world busy; the use of pressure sensitive tape.

Why is Tyvek so good in conservation applications?

Conservation brushes ranked from soft to hard

UV is often the enemy in conservation. But it can also be a force for good! So how can conservators use ultra-violet light?

The flexible nature in which a digital microscope, with the various mounting options, can be used is ideal for conservation, especially for field work or objects that are too large to move

You, our customers, are an inventive and creative lot and we enjoy seeing some of the creative ways you improvise and use our products.

Storage of books can be tricky, they are made from a number of materials, in an infinite number of sizes, and worst of all - people want to actually look at them

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