Save time, money and space with bespoke sized storage

Bespoke boxes

Being able to save space, money, and time without compromising sounds a little bit too good to be true? We’ll show you how easy it is using, a service from PEL.

You can save money, and here's the proof

Bespoke box comparison

Key point: Bespoke sizes needn’t actually cost more than stock sizes. There are other cost savings to be made by going the bespoke route, but if the enclosures themselves are also reasonably priced, then the whole prospect of made-to-measure storage is far more accessible.

Pricing Comparison

Here’s a pricing comparison of one of our Stock boxes vs bespoke boxes:

  1. One of our best-selling Stock Size boxes:
  2. 735-3123 315mm L x 230mm W x 75mm H
    Price per box £5.25 (exc. VAT)

  3. And a slightly larger Bespoke Box 320 x 235 x 80mm
    made from the same material, in any quantity over 15 units the
    Price per box (for 15) £5.12 each(exc. VAT)

In this scenario a bespoke box which is slightly larger actually costs less. Here’s the link so you can check!

Because you might need to store items in folders or pockets inside the box, we can make those in a bespoke size too. Take a look and try it for yourself at, a service from PEL.

> | Make a box or binder here

> | Make a folder here

Additional Money and Time Saving Benefits of Bespoke Storage

If you’re not already convinced, here are some additional money and time saving benefits of bespoke storage.


Saving Space

One of the largest expenses for any archive is the building the archive is housed in. Equipping and maintaining a space with racking/shelving, environmental monitoring and management, pest management, lighting, and more is an expensive job. So, using that space optimally is important. If the boxes, binders, folders that are being stored are all larger than they need to be, you’ll run out of space more quickly – that may sound over simplistic, but it’s true. If every box is larger than it needs to be, then the cumulative effect could reduce your shelving capacity significantly across the archive. Reducing box, binder, or folder dimensions to a size that is a good fit for objects, rather than using a larger ‘stock’ size will save you space, and ultimately, will save money.


Save on Materials - Save Time

Creating bespoke storage means the requirement to stuff large voids with tissue paper, foam, or make box spacers is negated. Storing an item or items into a box that has been made to fit is a quick and simple process. Filling voids, making spacers, and cutting foam all take time.

Buying bespoke boxes from us means no materials are required to be kept in storage. You will have no awkwardly large sheets of board or offcuts to store. If you’re already making your own boxes switching to pre-cut boxes will save hours of work.

Reduce Handling Risks

Boxes that have been made to fit an object will allow appropriate access without excess packing materials. Oversized boxes can risk damage if movement is possible inside of the box.

The long and short of it (or should that be length, width, and depth?) is that there are a number of efficiencies to be gained by using bespoke storage, and it needn’t cost any extra.

> | Go to to make your bespoke storage

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