Archival Paper Storage Boxes A1, A2, A3 and A4

Paper storage boxes are designed to store international paper sizes A1, A2, A3 and A4 offering lasting archival protection.

  • 50mm Deep
  • Metal Edge
  • Acid free archival quality

Archival boxes for A1, A2, A3 and A4 paper sizes have previously been hard to find, PEL is the only company to offer true archival conservation quality in the international A sizes as standard.

The archival boxes are 50mm deep (2"), the metal edge removes the need for adhesives which may dry out or off gas. The metal edge allows boxes to be stacked, heavy/full paper storage boxes will not crush the partially full or empty boxes due to the strength of the metal corners. Preservation equipment metal edge box

The PEL matt black exterior and white interior conservation boxboard is used for both purity and strength. The combination of our strong, durable 1.5mm thick board and metal edge construction make these boxes the best choice for lasting protection. Buffered with 3% calcium carbonate for additional protection from airborne pollutants.

For additional archival protection we recommend our polyester pockets, corresponding polyester pocket details in 'Recommended' tab below. More detail in 'Specification' tab.

Internal dimensions shown unless otherwise stated

NOW AVAILABLE - Coloured print boxes, available in your choice of colour. Handmade in the UK to the same archival standards as our black boxes, and exclusive to PEL. See alternative tab below, or click here.

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A4 Matt Black Size - 315mm x 225mm x 50mm
P999-732-1004 732-1004
Pack Size: Each Price: £6.95 ex VAT In Stock
A3 Matt Black Size - 435mm x 315mm x 50mm
P999-732-1003 732-1003
Pack Size: Each Price: £7.95 ex VAT In Stock
A2 Matt Black Size - 610mm x 435mm x 50mm
P999-732-1002 732-1002
Pack Size: Each Price: £12.95 ex VAT In Stock
A1 Matt Black Size - 860mm x 610mm x 50mm
P999-732-1001 732-1001
Pack Size: Each Price: £16.95 ex VAT In Stock

Made in the UK.

Product Code Paper Size Dimensions Corresponding Polyester Pocket Links
732-1004 A4 315 x 225 x 50 565-475
732-1003 A3 435 x 315 x 50 565-375
732-1002 A2 610 x 435 x 50 565-275
732-1001 A1 860 x 610 x 50 565-175

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