Nitrile Gloves

The unique purple colour provides quick visual differentiation from natural rubber latex and other synthetic gloves.

  • Textured fingertips increase wet and dry grip, the design enhances comfort and fit.
  • Not formulated with Natural Rubber Latex – primary material is acrylonitrile butadiene, reducing the potential for glove-associated type I allergic reactions to natural rubber latex proteins. Powder-free, minimizing the potential for powder-related complications, such as irritant contact dermatitis.
  • High tensile strength prevents material from breaking when snagged.
  • Medical laboratory level protection from chemicals.

The Kimberly-Clark KC500 gloves have been rebranded as Halyard Health Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves. These are identical to the 'Kimberly-Clark' gloves you are used to. Kimberly-Clark nitrile gloves will be replaced by Halyard Health branded gloves permanently.

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P837-5200 837-5200 Nitrile Gloves - X-Small Pkg 100 £14.80 (ex VAT) In Stock
P837-5201 837-5201 Nitrile Gloves - Small Pkg 100 £14.80 (ex VAT) In Stock
P837-5202 837-5202 Nitrile Gloves - Medium Pkg 100 £14.80 (ex VAT) In Stock
P837-5203 837-5203 Nitrile Gloves - Large Pkg 100 £14.80 (ex VAT) In Stock
P837-5205 837-5205 Gloves Nitrile X-Large Pkg 90 £14.80 (ex VAT) In Stock
Specification Recommended Alternatives
  • EN374-1:2003 Chemical Splash protection.
  • EN374-3:2003 Chemical permeation testing on over 50 chemicals.
  • ASTM 6978-05 permeation testing on over 20 cytotoxic drugs.
  • AQL 0.65 / EN374-2 Level 3 Micro-Organism protection.
  • ISO16604 virus resistant. Food contact approved.
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P214-4000 214-4000 Powered Dust Mask Each £295.00 (ex VAT) Due in Stock
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