Archive Starter Kit - 9 Piece Archiving Kit

Archive starter kit offers all you need to get started storing your collections safely. Including 9 different archive essentials to store a wide range of paper and print collections and small objects.

The kit is ideal for smaller family collections offering museum specification materials to preserve mixed collections. All items are available to buy separately from PEL.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Acid-free clamshell storage box (382L x 266W x 60D mm)
  • 1 x Acid-free expansion folder (375L x 260Wmm)
  • 5 x Acid-free A4 premium 200gsm envelopes (220mm x 307mm)
  • 10 x Acid-free paper tags
  • 5M Acid free cotton tying tape
  • 50 x Brass paper clips
  • 1 x Dry cleaning sponge
  • Acid-free Pigma pen
  • 100 sheets buffered acid-free tissue paper (381x254mm)

The box, folder, envelopes and tags are all PAT passed safe for photographic storage.

Guidance notes for the items provided in the kit are available in the 'Specification' tab below.

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1. Dry Cleaning Sponge
A dry cleaning sponge can be used on sound surfaces to remove surface dirt and debris before storage. Sponges will discolour as they are used but can be cleaned in water and reused as long as they are thouroughly air dried. Sponges can be cut into any shape to suit the job at hand. Sponges are used like a pencil eraser, gently lifting debris/lint from the surface. Additional sponges can be purchased using code 961-1000 (small).

2. Acid Free Envelopes - buffered
Ideal for storage of cleaned documents, newspaper clippings, certificates, photographs and other papers. Envelopes should not be overfilled. The envelope should protect the item placed inside and not put it at risk of damage should it need to be removed. Over-sized items or over-filled envelopes will risk damage. PAT passed safe for photo storage. Additional sizes of envelopes can be purchased at

3. Brass Paper Clips
Any existing low quality paper clips or staples should be removed before storage as rust can stain and damage surrounding paper. Removal can be difficult if the item is fragile or the clip or staple has already rusted. If the object is of value this is best performed by a trained conservator. Solid brass paper clips can be used in their place and will not rust. Additional paper clips, code 497-2020

4. Expanding Archival Folder - buffered
Filled envelopes or loose papers, booklets and more can be placed into the expanding folder. To prevent any items from falling out the folder can be secured with cotton tying tape that passes around the folder and through the slits in the front flap. Remember to add a tag to identify the contents of the folder. Additional folders are available, code 727-2115.

5. Acid Free Tissue Paper - buffered
For 3D objects, acid free tissue can be used to wrap the item and then secured with cotton tying tape if necessary. Acid free tissue can be used to fill any voids in the box to prevent unnecessary movement which could cause impact damage or scratches. Simply scrunch the tissue to form a protective cushion. Tissue can also be used to interleave between papers within the folder or envelope to prevent migration of inks, or acids from one to the other, it also provides some protection from scratches. Product code 741-1015BF

6. Acid Free Tags
Acid free tags can be attached to any item that is secured with cotton tying tape. This helps with identification of contents and reduces the risk of damage through handling or repacking. Additional tags order code: 613-9804

7. Pigma Pen
The Pigma acid-free pen can be used to write onto tags and envelopes. It is not advisable to write directly onto any item you wish to preserve. Additional pens, search: Pigma

8. Cotton Tying Tape
As described above, cotton tying tape is used instead of self adhesive tape or other fixings that could cause damage to the documents or objects inside the box. The tying tape is also acid free and can be used directly on an object (such as a book to hold loose covers) if necessary.

9. Acid Free Box
The box is completely acid free and archival quality made from a museum specification board. When opened fully the spine lays flat allowing easy access to the contents of the box. The box can be stacked with boxes of the same size. The box will help to exclude dust and light as well as neutralising damaging acids with its alkaline buffer

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