Wax Cylinder Phonograph Storage Boxes

These unique wax cylinder phonograph storage boxes allow you to store the wax cylinder and its original container together, but in separate cavities in the same box to prevent damage from old, cotton-lined packaging. Ensure your wax cylinders are not at risk from attack from acidity that could be present in the original container. Instead store the two together in these acid free archival storage boxes.

Wax cylinders can be prone to damage from mould growth. It's important that any storage is cool and dry, as with all archival storage, environmental control and exclusion of pests is important.

Each box is constructed from e-flute corrugated buffered board, and includes a spindle support that holds the cylinder in place and allows easy removal from the box without having to touch the delicate wax surface. The manufacturer’s packaging is stored in an adjacent cavity within the same box, so all original information is maintained together.

  • Metal edge for strength, no adhesives to dry out or off gas
  • Clamshell design provides a sturdy repository that helps keep out dust, dirt, and light.

Price each.

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Wax Cylinder Storage Box for 4" Cylinders
P612-0364 612-0364
Pack Size: Each Price: £17.69 ex VAT In Stock
Wax Cylinder Storage Box for 6" Cylinders
P612-0366 612-0366
Pack Size: Each Price: £22.19 ex VAT In Stock

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