Coin Collector Envelopes - 4 Flap

Archival coin collection envelopes made from high quality acid free and sulphur free board, suitable for long term protection of coins, medals and more.

  • 50x50x3mm envelopes will accommodate even the largest of coins.
  • Protect coins from fingerprints, dust and dirt
  • Sulphur free and acid free safe for storage of silver
  • The fully accessible 4 flap design is the preferred design for conservation making it easier to place and remove coins into the envelope
  • Also suitable for smaller medals, badges, jewellery and more
  • No adhesives used or required for closure, some adhesives in standard envelopes could potentially off-gas

For additional protection, store enveloped coins in our coin storage box with optional index cards, see 'Accessories to fit' below. You can read more about storing coins on our blog here

Packs of 250 envelopes

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4-Flap Coin Envelope - 50x50mm
P308-55CN 308-55CN
Pack Size: Pkg 250 Price: £19.95 ex VAT Due in Stock
Accessories to fit
Coin storage system | Box Only - 220x150x60mm
P736-01CN 736-01CN
Pack Size: Each Price: £5.95 ex VAT In Stock 48hr
Coin storage system | Indexing Divider Cards - 50x60mm
P682-0005 682-0005
Pack Size: Pkg 50 Price: £1.95 ex VAT In Stock

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