Coin Storage Box System

Archival coin collection storage box with optional pockets and index cards. The acid free coin storage system is suitable for safe long term storage of up to 240 coins in envelopes or sleeves. Also suitable for medals, slides, badges, stamps and other small items. Complete coin archiving system protecting from corrosion and other damage caused by incorrect storage materials.

  • Coin Storage Box - 220mm W x 150mm L x 60mm H The acid free and lignin free archival coin collection box has 3 internal dividers providing 4 sections for storage of between 50-60 coins in each, with a total capacity of up to 240 coins. Size suitable for storage in most safes. Full depth lid allows stacking. The box is compatible with our coin storage envelopes and coin storage pockets (see 'accessories to fit' below).
  • Coin Index Cards - 50mm x 60mm Designed to fit perfectly in our coin storage box. The index card dividers are made from 100% acid free card. 10mm tab for organising your collection. Packs of 50 dividers.
  • Coin Storage Pockets - 50mm x 50mm (see accessories to fit) Glass clear polyester pockets, acid free and inert. Will not yellow or degrade over time. Perfect protection from fingerprints whilst maintaining perfect visibility when handling. Superior to non-archival PVC alternatives that can degrade and develop harmful acids which can stain surfaces, become brittle and yellow. Packs of 50 pockets.
  • Coin Storage Envelopes - 50mm x 50mm (see accessories to fit) Acid free paper coin envelopes with flap to fit our storage box. Packs of 100 or 1000.

  • Plastazote Foam Pads - 50 x 50mm Acid free and inert foam pads for helping to securely pack your collection preventing excessive movement and pack out space keeping coins upright. Provides a soft surface on which to view coins.

    You can read more about storing coins on our blog here

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Coin storage system | Box Only - 220x150x60mm
P736-01CN 736-01CN
Pack Size: Each Price: £5.95 ex VAT In Stock
Coin storage system | Indexing Divider Cards - 50x60mm
P682-0005 682-0005
Pack Size: Pkg 50 Price: £1.95 ex VAT In Stock
Accessories to fit
Coin storage pockets - 100mic 50x50mm
P565-0005 565-0005
Pack Size: Pkg 50 Price: £9.90 ex VAT In Stock
Plastazote pads - 50 x 50 - 12mm Black
P170-PD552 170-PD552
Pack Size: 10 pk Price: £3.49 ex VAT In Stock
Plastazote pads - 50 x 50 - 6mm Black
P170-PD556 170-PD556
Pack Size: 10 pk Price: £2.95 ex VAT Low Stock
Coin Envelopes - 100/pack
P876-5050 876-5050
Pack Size: Pkg 100 Price: £5.35 ex VAT Out Of Stock - Notify when back in stock

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