Juris Expansion Folders

Juris folders, these expansion folders have four scored flaps so that the folder thickness can be adjusted to accommodate varying amounts of loose or bound papers up to 30mm thickness.

The seven scores allow easy creasing, each score is 5mm apart, no tools are needed to make the folder adjustment.

  • Acid-free, lignin-free, 200gsm file folder stock
  • Buffered with a 3% calcium carbonate to help the control of migrant acidity
  • These light-fast, non-bleeding, soil resistant
  • Available in A4, letter and legal sizes

The folders meet the Library of Congress specification and they have passed the PAT test. Please note PEL do not print or emboss these folders they are 100% plain. BEWARE of embossed printed folders that may overtime leave impression on the papers inside.

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A4 Size 318mm x 230mm
Pack Size: Pkg 100 Price: £69.95 ex VAT In Stock
Letter Size 285mm x 225mm
Pack Size: Pkg 100 Price: £59.95 ex VAT In Stock
Legal Size 362mm x 225mm
Pack Size: Pkg 100 Price: £77.40 ex VAT In Stock

727-7044 Folders A4 size Size 318mm x 230mm (12.5" x 9")

727-7011 Folders Letter Size Size 285mm x 225mm (11.25" x 8.75")

727-7022 Folders Legal Size Size 362mm x 225mm (14.25" x 8.75")

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