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We stock the range in 4 hole and 3 hole photo album refill pages and binder refill pages. The archival quality print and photo pages are made from premium high clarity polyethylene which contains no harmful chemicals to cause deterioration during long-term storage.

Independent laboratory tests prove PrintFile preserver album pages store negatives, slides, transparencies and photos safely.

They have passed the Photographic Activity Test per ANSI Standard IT9.2. These archival preservers are acid-free, containing none of the plasticisers, catalysts or solvents found in vinyl. PrintFile have appointed PEL as their European Importer.

Description Price Quantity
6x4 photo album refill page Photo Album Refill Page 6no. 6"x4" prints multihole P525-4664 Price: £8.10 ex VAT
Holds six 4x6 prints in 3 pockets Photo album refill page holds 3no. 4"x6" prints P525-4660 Price: £7.37 ex VAT
Holds eight 4"x6" photos Photo album refill page holds 8 no. 6"x4" prints Multi Hole P525-4680 Price: £8.10 ex VAT
Clear album page holds four 4"x6" prints and one strip of four 35mm negatives Photo Album Refill Page 4"x6" & 1 Negative Strip P416-464M Price: £5.55 ex VAT
Page holds two 8.5"x11" documents or prints Photo Album Refill Page 8 1/2" x 11" print P416-62013 Price: £7.37 ex VAT
Page holds eight 4"x5" prints Photo album refill page 4"x5" Prints - Multihole P525-4050 Price: £7.37 ex VAT
Holds four 5"x7" photos Photo/Print Album Refill Page 5" x 7" print P416-52572 Price: £7.37 ex VAT
35-10P PrintFile Photo/Print album refill page | 3.5" x 5" P416-3510 Price: £7.37 ex VAT
810-2p Photo Album Refill Page 8" x 10" prints P416-8101 Price: £7.37 ex VAT
Holds four 4"x5" negatives or transparencies Holds 4 4"x5" negatives or photos multi hole P525-4544 Price: £18.56 ex VAT
Polaroid album pages Polaroid Photo Album Page holds 8no. 4" x 5" Photos or Negatives P525-4543 Price: £18.56 ex VAT
Holds 12 frames of 6x7cm 120 film Negative storage Holds 12 frames 60x70mm 120 film P525-1267 Price: £20.84 ex VAT
Holds one 5"x7" sleeved negative or transparency Negative storage Holds 1 5"x7" sleeved negative P525-5070 Price: £15.38 ex VAT
Holds twenty 35mm mounted transparencies Slide storage sheet holds 20no. 35mm mounted transparencies P525-3525 Price: £9.87 ex VAT
Dimensions: 11"W x 911/16"H Slide Storage Holds 20no. 35mm mounted transparencies P525-2225 Price: £27.95 ex VAT
Holds twenty 35mm mounted transparencies Slide storage Holds 20no. 35mm un/mounted negatives P525-2220 Price: £27.95 ex VAT
Holds one 8"x10" sleeved negative or transparency Photo or Negative storage Holds 1 8"x10" P525-8101 Price: £18.56 ex VAT
Holds nine individual sleeved frames of 120 film up to 6x7cm Trading cards or negatives binder storage page P525-12067 Price: £7.37 ex VAT
Holds twelve 6x6cm frames of 120 mounted or unmounted transparencies or negatives Negative storage 12no. 60x60mm of 120 film un/mounted negatives P525-2512 Price: £26.57 ex VAT
Holds fifteen frames of 6x4.5 cm, twelve frames of 6x6 cm or nine frames of 6x7 cm of 120 film Negative binder page holds 12no. 60x60mm | 9no. 60x70mm | 15no. 60x45mm P525-1241 Price: £18.56 ex VAT

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