What's the difference between Print File Photo and Negative Storage Pages?

Print File photographic storage pages are available for most common photographic sizes, whether that's prints, or negatives. They are a great way of protecting and storing a photo collection in an album or binder. Being completely acid free, and PAT passed, they offer an archival storage solution that is widely used in museums, galleries and collections worldwide.

But what are the differences between photo album pages and negative storage pages, especially if they are the same size?

All Print File storage pages are:

  • PAT Passed, acid free and safe for long term storage
  • PVC free, will not yellow or become brittle with age

    print file photo storage Print File photo album pages are designed for the storage and viewing of photograph collections, as a result, these pages offer the following benefits:

    • High clarity polypropylene for optimum viewing without any disruption of the image. Higher clarity than negative storage.
    • 100 micron front and back sheets to protect from handling damage when being viewed.

    Note: Slide storage pages are of the same specification as photo storage pages

    print file negative storage Print File negative storage pages offer the following benefits:
    • Minimal static polyethylene to prevent attraction of abrasive dust that could scratch the negative, therefore preserving the image for future enlargement.
    • Front 75 micron and back is 45 micron polyethylene offering slight light diffusion for viewing on light boxes and the ability to creat contact sheets without removing from the sleeve.
    • A white strip to write notes about the negatives.

    As you can see, while it is fine to place a photograph in a negative storage page, or vice versa, each type has been designed to have specific features to suit either photographs or negatives.

    If you are a looking for a specific Print File product, we are able to access the full Print File catalogue for the UK and Europe, please contact us.

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