Ethafoam Foam Planks

Our Ethafoam archival Foam planks are rigid enough to give support, and flexible enough to protect. Ethafoam inert closed-cell polyethylene foam material is easy to cut and shape.

They conform to preservation standards and are used for the support of artefacts on display, in storage and during transportation.

Ideal for making cavity trays and custom shaped supports to place within a box. Consider PELsoftwrap, and Relic wrap as additional packing protection.

  • 50mm or 100mm thicknesses.
  • 600mm x 305mm Sheet dimensions.
  • Pack of 9 sheets.
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600 x 305 x 100mm
Pack Size: Pkg 9 Price: £79.95 ex VAT In Stock
600 x 305 x 50mm
Pack Size: Pkg 9 Price: £43.20 ex VAT In Stock

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