Circular Foam Supports

Circular foam supports for rounded or damaged items providing a stable base for display, cleaning, repair, storage and transportation. The rings are made from inert Plastazote foam and are completely safe for long term storage applications.

  • 9 x 15mm thick x 50mm deep concentric rings
  • Provides a stable base for rounded items when on display, being cleaned or repaired
  • Can be used as a cushion around cylindrical items when packing or transporting
  • Archival and inert Plastazote foam is suitable for long term storage applications
  • Closed cell foam will not absorb water and can be used in cleaning
  • Optional box is available for storage 300mm x 300mm x 150mm

Outer diameters from smallest to largest: 25mm, 55mm, 85mm, 115mm, 145mm, 175mm, 205mm, 235mm, 265mm. All nested in a 295x295mm square. Optional 150mm deep box to fit dimensions 295 x 295 x 150mm.

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Plastazote LD45 White - 50mm Thick - 15mm Rings
P170-RNG1550 170-RNG1550
Pack Size: Each Price: £19.95 ex VAT In Stock
2 piece box for P170-RNG1550 - 295 x 295 x 150mm
Pack Size: Each Price: £9.75 ex VAT In Stock

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