Bi-Corr Cross Direction Perma/Dur Corrugated Board - 6mm

Extra strong, lightweight, archival quality corrugated cardboard sheets. Bi-corr Cross Direction Perma/Dur® Corrugated board - for ultimate strength and rigidity.

We laminate two layers of our very best corrugated board together, the corrugation of each runs perpendicular to the other meaning it won't buckle like normal corrugated board. The result is a light weight board of exceptional strength which resists bending, folding, or curling.

This blue/grey board, with its 6mm thickness, is exceptional for picture frame backing, but is equally effective as a sturdy display construction material. In fact, it excels in any application which requires a strong but lightweight acid-free material. A 3% calcium carbonate buffer offers additional protection from atmospheric pollutants.

Like both our single and double wall corrugated boards (see recommended tab below), this board is made of bleached cellulose fibres and is acid-free and lignin-free. pH 8.5.

  • Sheet Size: 813mm x 1219mm (32" x 48")
  • Thickness: 6.35mm
  • Pack: 8 Sheets in each pack
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Bi-Corr Cross Direction Perma/Dur Corrugated Board - 6mm
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Corrugated board A6 sample book
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