PEL-Tissue Toned

This 9gsm acid-free tissue has been developed by PEL to replace the L2 Spider Tissue, which is no longer made. Since we had to produce a suitable replacement we took the opportunity to improve the tissue in three prime areas.

Now toned; more suitable for faded papers (no longer a stark white)

Less visible with lamination wet repairs

Uniform covering is very even, again less visible.

Made from Abaca Hemp with fibres that are suitable for wet localised or full manuscript repairs, making lamination barely detectable. A soft unbuffered tissue ideal for interleaving papers, photographs, book binding, stuffing textiles and other conservation applications.

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P682-3610 682-3610 PEL-Tissue Toned Roll £84.90 (ex VAT) In Stock
Specification Recommended Alternatives

Size: 927mm x 100M

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